The Project Doctor 

70% of Projects fail....

70% of projects fail or fail to deliver on their promised benefits.

Are you concerned that your project is stalling?

Do you feel like you are constantly managing the issues and risks and making progress is an uphill struggle?

Are you frustrated with battling for resources with other projects and the day job?

Are the promised benefits for your project being dwindled by increasing cost and lengthening timescales?

Are you looking for a better way to deliver sustainable change?


The facts.... 

Reasons include:
- Organisations misunderstand the effort and impact it takes to deliver
- Leadership teams don’t walk the talk
- Employees cannot relate the vision and don’t believe it will work
- The end state vision is not compelling and the need to change is not seen as urgent
- Communication is sporadic, inconsistent and not supported by training or objectives
- People by nature are resistant to change

As a result Projects:
- Are delayed and miss key milestones
- Essential business resources don't engage causing further delay
- Project over spends as consultants and developers fight problems instead of delivering outcomes
- Even if the project does complete, the benefits aren't realised or the future opportunities aren't taken to leverage the project results

All of the above cost your organisation time, money and reputation.


The success of the project doctor comes from working with the people who understand your business – your team and sharing with them the tools and methods to bring about successful project delivery.

As a result, your project will deliver on its promised benefits and more.

The best bit, your team will have developed their change leadership capabilities for the next project too.

You will be supported fully in your journey with one to one support - I will be there by your side throughout.

Only 30% of projects deliver their full value on completion - make sure that yours is one of those.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

So make sure you act now and book your Free Project Healthcheck straightaway!
The Subtle Difference is all about enabling heart-centred leaders to step into senior positions where they can inspire others by creating an environment where people matter, the work they do is relevant and meaningful and that they are making progress for themselves and their organisation.

Happy and engaged employees deliver 20% higher productivity and increase shareholder value for the businesses they work in. (Source: Jackson Organisation Study)

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